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44877Re: [existlist] The absurd from a theistic point of view; there-is-hope

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  • Aija Veldre Beldavs
    Aug 1, 2008
      at random, just pulling something out of today's NYT what a known
      journalist came to learn from his background in natural farming that
      causes him to be against factory farming of living beings with feelings:

      "Pigs were more troubling because of their unforgettable characters and
      obvious intelligence. To this day, when tucking into a pork chop, I
      always feel as if it is my intellectual equal."

      "The 150 geese knew that something dreadful was happening and would
      cower in a far corner of the barn, and run away in terror as I
      approached. Then I would grab one and carry it away as it screeched and
      struggled in my arms.

      Very often, one goose would bravely step away from the panicked flock
      and walk tremulously toward me. It would be the mate of the one I had
      caught, male or female, and it would step right up to me, protesting
      pitifully. It would be frightened out of its wits, but still determined
      to stand with and comfort its lover."


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