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44875Re: [existlist] The absurd from a theistic point of view; there-is-hope

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2008
      Oh brother!


      In a message dated 8/1/08 12:39:41 AM, a_living_breathing_being@...

      > Well, for me I value meaning at the very get-go, I find it to be a
      > central aspect of living; integral to all my hopes and dreams. As to
      > whether meaning is part of the universal fabric, I cannot say yes for
      > sure, but I speculate that there is so much we do not understand
      > about the universe to dogmatically rule it out altogether; as so many
      > seem to do here. I do not have a rational defence for claiming
      > intrinsic meaning, but rather speculate that there is a transcendent
      > dimension beyond time and space; but I'll admit, this is a pure leap
      > of speculation and not a statement of fact at all. I ponder higher
      > intelligence, and this become very important to me. Yet I know there
      > are things I do not understand and cannot explain; a deep sense of
      > mystery; yet, all of this feeds my forward-sense- mystery; yet, all
      > and my longings.
      > Further, if it is true that as-one-being- Further, if it is true
      > amazing potential to create my own reality, and even if it is not
      > essential that I do so, the freedom to imbue reality still lies
      > within me; and that is what I do, even if others are caught in the
      > trap of despair, or oblivious, or when nihilist tendency that come
      > out of existentialism run on about there being no meaning 'at all'; I
      > don't know that to be true.
      > So really, it does not matter if seeking meaning is a pointless
      > activity to someone else, because it is something 'I've-decide- activ
      > for-myself' as I create my own reality; anyway, the pursuit itself
      > keeps me in a state of aliveness and awareness, in excitement,
      > hopeful, happy, and expectant; so valuing meaning at every point of
      > possibility is in itself full of great worth; and the sub/unconscious
      > part of me is reawakened, moving me towards discovery. I am inspired
      > toward a bright kind of opinion, respect for life and interest in
      > everything around me; bring about an ecstasis known to the ancient
      > Greeks as 'glory'; where you are beyond yourself, outside yourself.
      > Yet, in the limited act of constructing meaning, I believe that even
      > atheist will agree that it is not entirely a worthless enterprise;
      > but renders even to them a sense of illusory importance as they
      > complete their days upon the earth as insignificant being. (paradox)
      > And one last thought; in the ecstasis of doxa, the absurd can
      > evaporate into pure wonder; what transcends meaning is not some
      > mesmerizing and spellbound conceptual subjectivity about the absurd,
      > but it's binary opposite as well - the sublime.
      > So my friends, do not get stuck in your perceptual preoccupations
      > with negation, lack, meaninglessness, nothingness, forelorness,
      > anxiety, fear, despair, angst and self pity; but turn to the clear
      > provisional path of beauty, hope, love, remembering, and the positive
      > opportunity to make a difference in the world you are of.

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