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44475Re: Narrative Natives

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  • bhvwd
    May 31, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Knott" <knott12@...> wrote:
      > > Philosophy will be at the speed
      > > of light and argument will be its only censor.
      > > People with powerful brains will have great
      > > advantage as speed of composition is much slower in lower IQ
      > I oft enjoy your monologues, Bill, but often enough don't reply.
      > Quite honestly I often see the ones with lower IQs spewing faster as
      > they may not think about what they are about to say as heartily. It
      > often takes a mind considering many positions (Bobby Fischer?)
      > to come to a conclusion that is acceptable...though refinement can
      > considered a talent -- though maybe a separate one (i.e., gift of
      > gab). Some of those I have met with what I consider the best
      > intellects are often quiet.
      > Hook up to what, indeed ;-)
      > Tracxtor Beame
      >Bookdoc, I thought I might be challenged with the IQ comment,it is
      such a devious means of segregation. I am listening to the DNC
      deliberations and am edified to hear the true masters of obfuscation
      holding forth. I am going to attempt to look smart and be quiet. It
      won`t last long. Thanks for the read. Bill
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