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44308Re: Fate Versus Determinism

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  • bhvwd
    May 1, 2008
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "mary.jo11" <ophiuchus@...> wrote:
      > How fortunate for you.
      > Mary
      > Mary, We just returned from California and purchased a wall mask
      of " The Scream". Upon mounting it on the wall with all the other
      masks from all over the western hemisphere, I noticed it was one of
      the two non stoic representations. The other highly animated mask was a
      Mexican modern mask. All the rest were highly stoic with fixed
      expressions of centered passivity.
      I do not put this forth as science but as observation as the
      selections were only rough approximations of what we thought
      representative of the peoples we have encountered in our travels. It
      seems the more ancient the culture of the mask the more stoney the
      face. Only the very modern Mexican and the supposed" existential
      scream " deviated from the fixed faced stoics. I do not attempt
      stoicism and the expression of my existential mood is highly motovated.
      If our art mirrors our life we existentialists are wildly expressive
      relative to our older philosophical predecissors. I think we are the
      first philosophy to identify our situation as dire and horrifying. We
      do not que up ,all stone faced. Bill
      > "Herman B. Triplegood" <hb3g@> wrote:
      > But, maybe this is just my axe to grind, right here. I am a very pro-
      > stoic kind of guy, and I tend to believe that just about all
      > philosophers, even the existentialist ones, even Ayn Rand, are really
      > just stoics deep down inside. Stoicism is, really, a pervasive
      > psychological orientation, and it is very characteristic of our
      > modernity.
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