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44130Re: [existlist] Autistic Minds

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    Apr 8, 2008
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      On Apr 08, 2008, at 9:30, Joe Mele wrote:
      > Just to clarify - Autistics celebrate autistic pride day on June 18.
      > Autism
      > world day is a concept developed and supported by curbies like
      > autism speaks
      > that seek to wipe autistics from the face of the earth. Autistic
      > genocide
      > is real issue.

      I do tire of people asking if I want to be "cured" or "made whole"
      based on any physical / neurological conditions I might have. No, I
      happen to think my abilities with computer code (ComputerWorld has
      covered this aspect of autism since the early 1990s), database design,
      and pattern recognition are unique skills.

      Giving parents genetic screening tools, as is mandated in Minnesota,
      is a way to eliminate the "unfit" before they are born and become an
      expense. The new "eugenics" movement is to screen ahead, tell parents,
      "Oh, there's a 70% chance of condition x," and encourage termination.

      Minnesota now screens for more than 50 conditions. Our state is
      considering "single payer" health care, with "incentives" to reduce
      costs. In the UK, one incentive from the NHS is to pay parents to
      terminate -- in the name of the common good, of course.

      The Government, we're here to help. Assuming you are not flawed, of

      - C. S. Wyatt
      I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not all
      that I shall be.
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