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44Re: Some more 'Situations'

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  • T Brooks
    Aug 12, 1999
      Granted. While our information may not always be accurate, it is not to be
      wholly disregarded. We shouldn't then act in ignorance of our information --
      if we, indeed, have any information at all.

      And in addition, no matter how good our information we are forced to make
      choice constantly. We must act. And act in accordance with what we know.
      Perhaps then the problem you pose is avoided.

      Thom Brooks
      Dublin, Ireland

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      >On 08/12/99 18:57:28 you wrote:
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      > >From: "T Brooks" <thom_brooks@...>
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      > >If we had more information -- which I would argue we would have more
      > >than not in the real world -- his conclusion is false.
      >This is true, however, we must also judge possibilities of ethical
      >and sense others reations and chaos theory applied means that the logical
      >assortment of information may not prove true every time, thus putting us
      >back at our original ethical problem.
      >Macon, GA USA
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