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43861Re: The inhospitable existentialist

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  • bhvwd
    Mar 3, 2008
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "mary.jo11" <ophiuchus@...> wrote:
      > Thank you, Bill, you always wear the enforcer's colors!
      > There are theologians who are misleading by attempting to redefine
      > atheism and resurrecting S.K. and Tillich.
      > If they sneak any closer they might catch something!Bill
      > _welcome_the_attention_that_1.html
      > Mary
      > "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@> wrote:
      > I find it simple to lay the general dislike of existentialism before
      > a grotesque of a sulpherous nihilism. I like Neitche but his writing
      > often jutted toward the demonic. Then again he was reported mad and
      > that is always ample cannon fodder.
      > I remember a catholic priest ,always clothed in the metaphysical,
      > who warned me not to blaspheme. He was big and threatening and
      > expectorated while speaking. I remember whipeing his spittle from my
      > face and suggesting he was the demonic one.
      > It may be that because we refuse to play back to them in trump we
      > so infuriate the blessed. We are like mirrors that will not
      > reflect, our impudance disarms the cosmic view of those of
      > inhabiting former philosophies.
      > I have never thought the hassle was philosophic ,it is about power
      > in the world. I have been called a self styled survivalist. That was
      > from an anglican who cared little for metaphysics but knew the
      > popularity of the protestant reformation was waning. Many who have
      > written here resemble a group who desperately want to be in the in
      > group. When they find out the level of commitment required they
      > away with the taste of blunt nihilism all that remains.
      > I have no desire to be avante guarde, especially if that entails
      > post modernism. I think existentialism will evolve slowly, with the
      > expansion of sound scientific theory we will grow. It is possible we
      > may enjoy a renaming as our popularity has hardly been immense.
      > As a secound generation existential genius Sartre was still
      > debunking essences and fighting back the dark ages vomit from
      > catholcism. We could be purging from both orafaces for millinia.
      > Living is such dispepsia I see no requirement to wax pleasant while
      > giving not one inch back to the barbarous past. Remember, nothing
      > transcends this cosmos, the rot is ours to clear. Bill
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