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43807Re: Futures, Stocks and Sores

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  • Knott
    Feb 27, 2008
      > Interestingly, Knott thinks that my attitudes as expressed on this
      > forum are the attitudes that lead to "most fights and most wars". So
      > perhaps one way to make men less aggressive is to teach them the
      > sceptical and relativistic attitudes and beliefs that Knott holds.

      Perhaps the latter, but certainly the former. Wars are started because
      people have irrational notions of boundaries, beliefs that are good
      and bad, noble excursions, and that they alone have a key to truth.
      What I suggest is not attempting to make your psychosis someone
      else's, lest you fight for them, convince others to, or get ticked
      when someone tells you you've lost your marbles. Go look under the couch.

      If you believe in nothing, there really isn't much to fight for. It is
      belief that starts it.

      Warbling Caricature
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