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  • louise
    Feb 9, 2008
      Well, what is it?? How irrational a hope might it be supposed, that
      philosophical clarity, about, for instance, the categories and
      symbolism employed in political and scientific discourses, could, to
      borrow Eduard's phrase, 'influence the collective'? Contemporary
      democratic system does have evangelistic features, as though the
      churches look after spiritual souls, and the politicians their
      secular equivalents. Far more than material wants are addressed by
      those who canvass for votes, and existentialist reading might indeed
      contribute to any candidate's particular hermeneutic. Can't readily
      imagine the electorate would care much, though. Philosophical
      thinking has a quite different time-scale from the requirements of
      social policy. Not only that, there are forms of philosophical
      enquiry which claim reference to eternal realities, outside of
      history altogether. I am not so convinced as Bill, that metaphysics
      is bullshit. The psychiatric controversies also complicate
      everything. Who understands the human mind?? Slowly, I get
      acquainted with my own, and the experience is different from, say,
      spending time with a friend, when two enfleshed minds walk side by
      side, and talk.

      ... reclaiming her name
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