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  • bhvwd
    Feb 2, 2008
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      Doestyesky gave us the revolutionary concept that crime and
      punishment orbit each other as inseperable entities.A crime without
      punishment is the sound of one hand clapping.How can you punish the
      dead? In a finite, biololgical system you can beat the old
      theological system, but you have to off yourself.I can imagine
      situations where it might be the better choice. Should a person have
      been so marginalised by the theistic based system,by the arbitrary
      rules of gods,wacking oneself might be a sort of revenge from a
      better system. I have always thought it the height of arrogance of
      the past systems to demand fealty beyond death . Then again they are
      not rational systems and conform to only their twisted rules.
      A new blade runner is coming out and I know Eduard has affinity for
      that story.It is really about who has the right to kill you. I might
      hasard that in a rational system only the self has the right to
      dismiss one`s existance. We now play in a hodge podge system where
      the loudest fool often wins. Egoists like Bush and Putin must have
      the fealty of the workers so they buy us off with one hand and
      destroy liberty with the other. That is the path to anarchy and the
      Russian and American revolutions were the result. So when some
      despot claims only he has the right to execute me red flags pop
      up . I really do not know how to put a political system in reverse
      and cause needed reform. Jefferson did not know, Marx did not know,
      Obama says he does. Periclese
      may have done it ..but Obama seems no Periclese.
      Louise and Teddy Kennedy might enlighten us on those matters. It
      would be a good thing for them to hold forth on such matters. Bill
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