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4329RE: [existlist] Query about communication.

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  • greg goodwin
    Nov 6, 2001
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      I don't believe I'd care to be with a woman that
      'would love to sleep with every man in town', even
      though she doesn't do so, wouldn't she still have her
      desires, her curiosities??
      --- Deborah Yates <druthyates@...> wrote:
      > Greg,
      > I will be bold and answer that question honestly.
      > What's a boy to do
      > if commitment precedes sex. Find a woman who would
      > love to sleep with
      > every man in town, but won't because she's fiery and
      > passionate and in her
      > heart she is a one man woman.
      > Then be her friend and wait until marriage and marry
      > her!
      > But that's just what I would if I were you, I am
      > really stupid and naive
      > how would I know?
      > DY
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