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  • eduard at home
    Jan 1, 2008
      eduard ---
      You may be right. When my Uncle Bert died ... peacefully fully
      clothed on his bed ... in is hand, he had a book marker with the 23rd psalm.
      Very strange as he was never very religious. Seems he must have got up in
      the middle of the night, dressed, got the book marker, and then laid back
      and died.

      I think I would call out for "Mommy", as I did when almost going
      over a cliff on my motorcycle.

      We are all different in our response to things. And it is probably
      similar for our last breaths.

      I wonder if my Uncle John, who died in the Battle of the Somme, had
      an opportunity to say or do anything. He is buried in a British military
      cemetery some 60km northeast of Paris. A nice little cemetery with perhaps
      300 or so graves.

      But then it really doesn't matter, since even at the end all we want
      is to keep our neurons happy.

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      The God and foxholes argument. I liken that to a confession wrought from
      torture. It is what Catholicism calls "attrition" (as opposed to
      contrition). It
      won't do.


      In a message dated 12/31/07 9:50:04 PM, NEFILIM001@... writes:

      > --Yes Wil and Warren; To be honest we do start with TheGod of Religion,
      > because we have not ever yet dropped--TheGod of Religion, that can be
      > worshipped.
      > --I am willing to bet all of our *fortunes, (95% of us will utter a
      > FinalPrayer) to some God upon the event of our deaths. Oh we do love
      > our chests with hot air--even whispering: (remember,
      > "NowILayMeDownToSle "NowILayMeDownToSle<wbr>ep...If I should die.."?) Our
      > fire insurance principle
      > an edge if we should pray on-that-last- an edge if we should pray on-that
      > throwing off the burdensome mantle of Religious practices when I was about

      > 22,
      > (I attended bible camp and studied missionary bible practice from age 7 to
      > 14)--I still fought to keep suppressed 'that-little- 14)--I still fought
      > tough; or I am in a bit of trouble. Don't we all?!)
      > Sincerely,
      > Frank

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