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  • bhvwd
    Dec 25, 2007
      We could call it genetic memory since that definition remains
      illusive. It intersects much more than existlist perusal as the felt
      metals of antiquity slip from under the best efforts of ages of social
      As the plague doctor peered into his liquid surface, we little
      understand the scope of what we do, speaking as we do. It is not a
      orderly process this exacting philosophy from the day to day. How could
      any mortal step onto the Trojan plain to battle Achilles? Certainly he
      need have mastered the pityous writhing of fear of death. Is
      immortality just being remembered by some elite of the species. That
      seems most thin to me as if held by a simple child or perhaps a
      demigod. It is a fur ball we have flown into and the path out seems
      more than my span. Have we plied some part of a more noble
      amalgamation or even something more stable on the atomic level?
      Now there are reports of very big, black cats being sighted all over
      north america. I slept with Raja and have pictures to prove the
      occasion. The biosphere continues to evolve with all of us pushing the
      buttons with our endless sex. What emerges from the cool inferno always
      changes no matter how hard we protest. Bill