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42876Re: [existlist] Curious Differences

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  • Jason MOUNtford
    Dec 2, 2007
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      I look foward to seeing the Golden Compass. It is one of many movies used to steer the cattle into greener pastures. Influences of past have outlived there usefulness, some will fight the change, others will embrace it. Either way, change is here, and here to stay!

      Recent acts of protesting the movie because Pullman has been classified an Atheist are out of ignorance. I don't see it as a movie that promotes Athiesm at the least. Freewill and spirituality maybe, Atheism, noway.

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      I was reading today about the film version of Golden Compass and the
      challenges the film faces -- because the film (like the books) is
      generally "anti-religion" and very focused on issues of choice and
      free will.

      Now, I happen to think Pullman's work is an interesting parallel to
      the "Christian" works of C. S. Lewis. You can claim to be anti-faith,
      but any book with souls as a primary plot point is more anti-organized
      religion than anti-faith.

      I do think it is interesting to compare stories over time. (Swift
      being a great political satirist, for example.) Maybe we are shifting
      towards a secular ideal, driven by the realization that organizations
      of any kind are corrupting, consuming the individual.

      We'll see if the $200 million spent on this film pays off or if it
      simply fades away. I love the fact someone was willing to invest in a
      philosophical tale, though.

      - CSW

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