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42874Curious Differences

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  • Exist List Moderator
    Dec 1 5:54 PM
      I was reading today about the film version of Golden Compass and the
      challenges the film faces -- because the film (like the books) is
      generally "anti-religion" and very focused on issues of choice and
      free will.

      Now, I happen to think Pullman's work is an interesting parallel to
      the "Christian" works of C. S. Lewis. You can claim to be anti-faith,
      but any book with souls as a primary plot point is more anti-organized
      religion than anti-faith.

      I do think it is interesting to compare stories over time. (Swift
      being a great political satirist, for example.) Maybe we are shifting
      towards a secular ideal, driven by the realization that organizations
      of any kind are corrupting, consuming the individual.

      We'll see if the $200 million spent on this film pays off or if it
      simply fades away. I love the fact someone was willing to invest in a
      philosophical tale, though.

      - CSW
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