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42870Re: Less Kirkegaard=Less suffering

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  • mary.jo11
    Nov 30, 2007
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      Ever ruminant and nonplussed, I'll take the unenviable position or
      two. Kierkegaard has little or nothing to offer Islamic
      existentialism. Genocide and holocausts even less. Nietzsche, Sartre
      and perhaps Camus might still offer something. Strangely, Camus,
      despite his penchant for absurdism, seemed to have the most sense
      about the dangers of radicalism in his own country, Algeria. He would
      have espoused neither as well. Wine and poetry in private may light
      the way. In public, a secular approach to saving the planet and the
      species, including 'chosen' ethnic groups with a will to survive,
      should dominate the conversation. Mary
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