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  • bhvwd
    Nov 2, 2007
      Sartre will recess when access to his thought is finally
      accomplished.The french hold the keys and why should they give them
      away. We can remain a respected , quiet body of thought. Those of you
      of the acedemic game really have little left to say. It is in the hands
      of the crafters, those who build from scratch. I am meeting with
      them ,listening to them. They are foresquare determined to have a way
      and a say. The best exposure to continental thought is through the
      Eagles new album. I admit I am a member of their fanclub. I was also in
      Annette Funicello`s fan club. Ther is nothing wrong with american good
      taste and The Eagles put it right out there, buy it freind, just
      listen , to the sound of your life. Bill
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