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  • ccorey@frontiernet.net
    Nov 2, 2007
      Hb3g, you are right, if existence really was as meaningless as some
      people think, then, why would existence even bother with existing?
      People are anxious about meaninglessness because they know they have
      the freedom to make their life mean whatever they want it to
      mean--which includes the freedom to make it meaningless; and people
      are anxious about existence because they know they have the freedom to
      end it. I think that this is one of the points of existentialism. If
      we label life meaningless it motivates us to find meaning in it. Not
      to loath in a sickness unto death. But to make it our job to refute
      this meaninglessness with ?a courage to be? or self affirmation. I
      think this is what our dead existential philosopher friends wanted us
      to do; to seek out the meaning of life or to take away it?s
      meaninglessness and nothingness in order to reach a state of
      authenticity. It?s just a simple prompt to wake up and smell the coffee.


      Quoting "Herman B. Triplegood" <hb3g@...>:

      > Yep. To be confused, at least a little bit, maybe a whole lot, is to
      > be human. We are human, all to human. I've been reading Nietzsche. He
      > is right, you know, about the inescapability of error. Sure, we can
      > be right about some things some of the time. But, we can never be
      > totally free of error. There is always some angle we haven't looked
      > at yet. There is always some wrong assumption we don't even realize
      > we have assumed.
      > The same goes for authenticity and character.
      > I just don't get the thing about existence being meaningless. I never
      > have. The way I see it, if existence really was as meaningless as
      > some people think, then, why would existence even bother with
      > existing life into existence? HeHe! Yeah, I know, I am
      > anthropomorphizing it. So, who cares where existence came from? Who
      > cares if there is some ultimate destination or purpose to existence
      > or not? The main thing is, it seems, that wherever there is
      > existence, sooner or later, somewhere, in some form or another, there
      > is life. That isn't meaningless, even if it is donwright mysterious.
      > Hb3g
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Exist List Moderator
      > <existlist1@...> wrote:
      >> I would argue that we are always authentic -- which might seem to
      >> contradict existential notions until you consider the larger
      >> ramifications. We are either always acting in at least
      > partial "bad
      >> faith" (Sartre suggested this) or we are painfully aware of
      > everything
      >> and even our lies, deceptions, and omissions are
      > actually "authentic"
      >> in some way.
      >> I choose to limit my interactions with colleagues and senior
      >> professors because I understand that every interaction is
      > potentially
      >> detrimental to my dissertation defense. I'm already an "odd duck"
      >> because I mix philosophy, neurology, and pedagogy. No matter what
      > I
      >> say or do, someone on my committee will be offended. (Not much of
      > a
      >> shock -- at the young age of 38 I finally realize the humanities
      >> suffer from an inferiority complex and hate the fact I do
      > quantitative
      >> analysis of neurological conditions... then expand this to the
      >> "philosophy" of education.)
      >> Can we be in "bad faith" if we know we are acting? And when are we
      > not
      >> acting? I'm even "acting" when I convince myself to do something
      > or
      >> not do something. The way I see myself is, admittedly, not a
      > complete
      >> picture. Yet, no one else has a complete picture of me, either.
      >> Knowing this, how can I be "inauthentic" and "authentic" at the
      > same
      >> time?
      >> I have decided my partial understanding of the self is "authentic"
      > as
      >> long as I know it is partial. I cannot tell you what is genetic,
      > what
      >> is from my environment, and what is "pure" free will. I'm not even
      >> sure there is a pure free will -- only an attempt to assert free
      > will
      >> despite the other factors shaping me. You can't escape what has
      > made
      >> you, but you can try really hard to apply a new, authentic self.
      >> It's all very confusing at this hour, though. I just know that I
      > don't
      >> know what has made me who I am. I only know that I try to be as
      >> reasonable as I can be, as honest with myself as possible, without
      >> becoming totally disillusioned.
      >> Life is actually pretty good, so why would I want to consider how
      >> meaningless it is? Is that "bad faith" in some way? I don't think
      > so.
      >> I am choosing to go past the absurd to enjoy the moment, but I do
      > not
      >> deny the meaningless nature of existence.
      >> Rambling too late, with not nearly enough Halloween chocolate in
      > my
      >> system.
      >> - CSW

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