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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2007


      In a message dated 10/31/07 9:35:53 PM, existlist1@... writes:

      > I would argue that we are always authentic -- which might seem to
      > contradict existential notions until you consider the larger
      > ramifications. We are either always acting in at least partial "bad
      > faith" (Sartre suggested this) or we are painfully aware of everything
      > and even our lies, deceptions, and omissions are actually "authentic"
      > in some way.
      > I choose to limit my interactions with colleagues and senior
      > professors because I understand that every interaction is potentially
      > detrimental to my dissertation defense. I'm already an "odd duck"
      > because I mix philosophy, neurology, and pedagogy. No matter what I
      > say or do, someone on my committee will be offended. (Not much of a
      > shock -- at the young age of 38 I finally realize the humanities
      > suffer from an inferiority complex and hate the fact I do quantitative
      > analysis of neurological conditions.. analysis of neurological c
      > "philosophy" of education.)
      > Can we be in "bad faith" if we know we are acting? And when are we not
      > acting? I'm even "acting" when I convince myself to do something or
      > not do something. The way I see myself is, admittedly, not a complete
      > picture. Yet, no one else has a complete picture of me, either.
      > Knowing this, how can I be "inauthentic" and "authentic" at the same
      > time?
      > I have decided my partial understanding of the self is "authentic" as
      > long as I know it is partial. I cannot tell you what is genetic, what
      > is from my environment, and what is "pure" free will. I'm not even
      > sure there is a pure free will -- only an attempt to assert free will
      > despite the other factors shaping me. You can't escape what has made
      > you, but you can try really hard to apply a new, authentic self.
      > It's all very confusing at this hour, though. I just know that I don't
      > know what has made me who I am. I only know that I try to be as
      > reasonable as I can be, as honest with myself as possible, without
      > becoming totally disillusioned.
      > Life is actually pretty good, so why would I want to consider how
      > meaningless it is? Is that "bad faith" in some way? I don't think so.
      > I am choosing to go past the absurd to enjoy the moment, but I do not
      > deny the meaningless nature of existence.
      > Rambling too late, with not nearly enough Halloween chocolate in my
      > system.
      > - CSW

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