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42255Re: [existlist] Jaspers and Questions related to Existentialism

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  • alvir anthony subrado
    Oct 1, 2007
      Hello Gerald, how are you? Existentialism school of
      thought is actually a reaction from the contemporary
      Philosophy. Karl Jaspers is a Theist Existentialist.He
      termed Self as Existenz...His Philosophy is wholly
      focused on Selfhood..Part of his lecture was
      existential communication which tackles on ciphers,
      which mean signs and language...That man must come to
      himself in order to achieve genuine selfhood thus one
      achieves authentic existence. For him existential
      communication is only a pre-requisite or condition
      towards genuine selfhood.Transcendence and
      encompassing are coiled term for the state of
      communication to a supreme being. Since he is a
      Christian existentialist, Encompassing for him is
      God.And with man's existential communication, he is
      capable of transcending himself and communicate to
      someone beyond space and time...hehehe

      --- dasein512 <gghumanistic@...> wrote:

      > I am reading Jaspers's Philosophy - and I keep
      > wondering is Jaspers an
      > idealist? And hence is existentialism in the same
      > family as idealism?
      > Or is existentialism a form of realism? Or
      > rationalism? or empiricism?
      > Also can anyone please help me understand Jaspers
      > terms Existenz,
      > Encompassing and use of ciphers/transcendence?
      > I appreciate the help...
      > gerald

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