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42254Just not enough war

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  • bhvwd
    Oct 1, 2007
      I think we may be losing our penchant for combat, for legitimised
      murder. The major existentialists seem little involved with what has
      been considered a moral issue. I find it more like a genetic issue.
      We now compete in non violent areanas. Of course someone has found
      out how to stack the deck. State Dept people are protected by
      Blackwater, so much for the real mission of the negotiators.
      Putin is annoiting himself emperior and flying around our borders,
      it is threat but not violence. Bush wasnts in the worse way to maul
      Iran thus fulfilling his keepers demands to keep those gas prices
      up. All this is just not as fierce as the last century. None of these
      bellicose players today have the residual power to start up a big
      war. It seems the intellectual feedback mechanism has begun to
      activate a peace gene. I understand that cannot as yet be proven
      but dead people do not pass on their genetics. Warriors may have
      gotten to adept at craft to stay abouve survival numbers. The
      volunteer military compresses and inbreeds its numbers. I wonder if
      they are not fighting and breeding themselves into extinction. Is a
      life of war becomming a lousey survival tactic? In the old days the
      winners came home and bred like satyrs. I just dont see that
      happening with the survivors of todays nonsymetrical conflicts. How
      could these old soldiers manage to put multiple children through
      college. How about a service academy. And then the graduates can go
      to war and get killed. We are moving toward a less numerous, less
      violent species and I really dont mind the idea. We can read about
      Achilles and have bad dreams about what he did to Hector. I have
      nightmares about how to defend against returning Blackwater. Before
      there was always Africa for merk war. Now the rock millionaries and
      movie stars are pacifying that barbarity. I don`t think people are
      very happy but life expectancy numbers keep increasing. Somebody must
      like this pussey world. Bill
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