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  • bhvwd
    Sep 1, 2007
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      The Yahoo machine ate a bitter post that probably did not need
      sending. I had been reading the latest corruption from DC and the
      hypocracy, lying and personal misconduct blew me away.
      So I rewatched Gibsons "Apocalypto" . I almost wrote it off as I
      really do not appreciate Mels viewpoint but think this picture
      deserves more comment. It like our time deals with a corrupt culture
      run by religous nuts and greedy killers. In the end it is about the
      survival of simple, whole people.
      I have been fascinated by the long fall of the Myan civilisation and
      have wondered why it came apart. Gibson directs us to the
      predominance of war and the corruption of the priests and rulers. I
      cannot but draw parallels with the religous right and its
      preoccupation with war , religion and conquist.
      Gibson is a near fanitical catholic and I am suprised at his
      decrying any religion. The pope probably told him paganism was bad
      and so he fights it. The excardition and beheadings from the temple
      heights smack home how far mad zealots will digress for their
      bizarre concepts. A friend professor at the University of Merida
      agrees with Gibson that the average people who survived just walked
      back into the jungle and continued life as simple hunter gatherers. I
      have gone out into those jungles and have seen people of marked
      poverty and simplicity. That Gibson has the europeans arrive is not
      the apocalyse we might suspect. He in the opening quote says great
      civilisations die from within from a lack of cohesion fron the social
      classes of the population. No trust, no complex society.
      If I were a god fearing republican social conservative I might
      think my god had desereted me.I know many of the social conservatives
      are attempting to go back to basics in the country. Because they
      take their god with them they are bound to dissolution. I really
      detest the idea of those perverted mad men running this country for
      the duration of this term. Senator Craig might as well be Kulkulcan
      as he reaches up under the stall and tears our heart out. Bill