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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Aug 29, 2007
      I'll look that up as well; sounds interesting.


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      Indeed, Maldoror is poetry! "The Rebel" is basically Camus' survey of

      nihilistic rebellion, his antipathy towards it, and his response which

      is surprisingly existential. The relevant passage is found in Part II

      Metaphysical Rebellion, The Poets' Rebellion, entitled "Lautréamont and

      Banality." In conjunction with another project, I'll reproduce this

      specific Camus text and provide a link when it's prepared. Suffice it

      to say that the poem is certainly not an endorsement of evil, but

      rather seminal surrealism. It was experimental, and the follow-

      up "Poisies" explained what Ducasse was doing. Camus' insightful

      critique is worth the read. The two works when taken together provide a

      a powerful example of the tension between anarchistic nihilism and

      conformity to self-creative banality which is necessary for survival.

      The theme is freedom and the horror that can be unleashed in its name.


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      Maldoror, er TC -- sorry,

      As you already know, then, the Maldoror text is very complex and no

      single summation can really be made about it.

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