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42089Re: [existlist] ok now boys and girls

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Aug 28, 2007
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      Maldoror, er TC -- sorry,

      As you already know, then, the Maldoror text is very complex and no single
      summation can really be made about it. However, I'm not sure that depictions of
      authentic action are the only matters that qualify a text as existentialist.
      Consider, for example, Sartre's Nausea.

      But is the lone Maldoror inauthentic; does he consign himself to the ontical
      pre-given bourgeois world? Is he not condemned to his freedom; doesn't he
      exhibit the Kierkegaardian subject, if in reverse?

      Finally, you of all folks aren't going all Anita Bryant on me, are you? Maybe
      I am where you were -- or where I projected you were -- a year ago or so.
      Although, to be honest, I am riffing here a little, I am nevertheless adamant in
      my defense of a certain shade of 'evil', so to speak.

      Are we Pietists all of a sudden? Some here may want to consign our
      existential horizon to some universal maxim, but have we given up the (holy) ghost to
      Kant? Really? Is mischief now so passé? Bill, what do you think?


      In a message dated 8/28/07 6:04:01 PM, TriniCruz@... writes:

      > Wil and Mary please define for me where you find the authentic action
      > in Maldoror in an existentialist sense. I know the piece well. Have
      > read it several times. It is diverting surrealism, but Maldoror is
      > utterly inauthentic. Are you arguing that his human experience is more
      > vivid and so better possessed of adequacy? Are you rejecting Sartre's
      > arguments for optimism then? Is human upon human senseless brutality
      > authentic, or the kind that is reasoned out? Where are you going with
      > this reference? Foucalt?

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