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  • Knott
    Aug 12, 2007
      > hell raising Jesus rockin' on the radio
      > blasted in slipstreamed on a long black wave from freedomland like a
      > fire on a door; and they seem to find you, but you're not there, just
      > flaming junk and stopped traffic; and then you got the chain smokin'
      > benny bumpin' dark horse jitters and jumps, and they film you and you
      > die, gunned down for pushin' back, and you twitch your way through the
      > epitaph, too wired to be buried - ever; `cause the dirt keeps falling
      > off the hole that can't sit still `cause you're in it;

      I usually hate your writing because I think you are trying to make a point, and I can never
      understand what it is because the meaning is muffled by the volume. Suffice to say that while
      I likely don't know what exactly you are intimating here, I like the prose, so I'll ignore the
      'point'. It could be a Steeley Dan song.

      Drek N. Coat
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