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    Aug 10, 2007
      Hello from our new (old) house in Minneapolis. The office is nearly
      complete (oh, so close!) and our two computer desks are up and running.

      On Aug 10, 2007, at 12:21, Mary Jo wrote:

      > Just a quick response to this comment, Jim, but my understanding of
      > Sartrean existentialism is that the personal and political are
      > inseparable.

      They are inseparable in most modern (and "post-modern") thought. All
      actions, even inactions, are political. However, I disagree with this
      to some very nuanced extent. I actually do believe art can be created
      for arts sake -- a complete disagreement with some forms of Marxism
      and an argument within the Frankfurt School for two decades.

      Is my choice to be in MN political? It has political *implications*
      to the two states -- since I am depriving California of my money and
      my mind for a time (sarcasm, people!) -- but my choice was primarily
      based on a fellowship offer and research facilities at the university

      Now, my research? Definitely political in the sense that I work on
      and advocate for the education of disabled individuals. I do not see
      this contradicting my "libertarian" bent because I view public
      education and even some form of basic child health care as preventing
      later social ills. You can't have unemployed, sick, ignorant people
      and still have a society.... unless you wish to be Spartans.

      > general observation. I think most reasonable people agree that global
      > warming, terror, and the loss of privacy are real and ultimate issues.

      Ah, but I fear the loss of privacy from the right and left. I don't
      want anyone, regardless of party or ideology, peeking into my private
      life without consent, nor do I want my lifestyle to be part of the
      political system -- goes back to everything being political.

      - C. S. Wyatt
      I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not all
      that I shall be.
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