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41925Re: The Personal and the Political

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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Aug 10, 2007
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      Lives were lost, but within a few decades Japan was not US occupied,
      Germany was whole again. There were terms to be met. National
      sovereignties were restored. Most of this resolution was dictated
      behind the scenes by the same kind of macroeconomic gamesmanship that
      began the wars in the first place. By 1949 macroeconomics began a
      transmutation into the information age. The mechanism of economics
      began to understand itself to a degree of predictability. New
      mathematical theory and the computer began to refine the mechanism
      toward useful cause and effect. Accumulated wealth found itself with a
      new potential for previously unimagined powers of manipulation. By
      1953 the process of disassembling unfavorable US law toward wealth and
      big business was rededicated in giddy full swing. By the early 1970's
      the US government was virtually overrun and assimilated by corporate
      interests led by big oil, the pharmaceuticals, and insurance. All of
      these interests were deeply involved with the intelligence community.
      Standard Oil of Indiana, ITT Corp. , and interests that would become
      Merck and Pfizer, were just a few of the covert and highly active
      agents in Central and South American politics, and African politics.
      New names were being made. Old names were being re-empowered. Today
      the theory is convergence; that is a consolidation of wealth and power
      that now directs a gamesmanship that was once between conflicting
      interests instead toward the poor and uneducated masses. Computers
      have enabled an unprecedented wholeness to the macroeconomic machine.
      It is in now in charge of your life if you happen to live on the
      planet. For those of you who happen to still labor under the
      misperception that this is conspiracy theory; try a case study of
      Lumumba or Allende. How much cash in US currency did Hussein actually
      manage to hoard?

      As much as the intelligence community has a fondness for anagrams; the
      corporate political captains of this brave new world have a fondness
      for gamesmanship and historical symbolism. In both cases the general
      public is rarely in on the joke. 9/11 is an example of such
      gamesmanship and symbolism from this cartel. Alexander Hamilton, the
      man who endured great controversy in soliciting the wealthiest
      citizens of the fledgling USA to fill and guarantee a treasury and
      credit for doing international and domestic business, was sworn in as
      the first secretary of the treasury on 9/11. To bring down the WTC
      buildings on 9/11 is to symbolize an elbowing aside of the notion of
      national sovereignty in favor of corporate rights that supersede
      national rights, and a smug restoration of the nation to its rightful
      owners without which it is tiresomely argued it would never have been
      able to be founded or to continue. If we are expecting a new North
      American Union essentially removing issues of sovereignty altogether
      from business in the USA, Mexico, and Canada toward the end of this
      summer; I suggest a date for some new publicly galvanizing event is
      more than likely to be 8/24. On 8/24 British soldiers burned the US
      treasury to the ground; and sat and watched it burn from a tavern
      across the street. Today's corporate commanders are powerful men who
      enjoy thumbing their noses at this public, while at the same time
      paying very close attention to future historical symbolism. There will
      be no more need for earmarks or pork barrel projects. This modern
      cartel has devised to own the US treasury; and they do, hidden neatly
      behind their corporate mask. You must understand that the challenge
      for Hamilton in his day was to convince wealthy businessmen that it
      was to their advantage to surrender to a national sovereignty for
      protection; and not only give up a status relatively above the law,
      but pay for the right to do so. In those days it made sense, as there
      was an ongoing war of kings in the world; but now those same families
      of power, those captains and kings, new and old, have devised to work
      together, and there is no longer any advantage for them in maintaining
      a national sovereignty for the United States, and they have determined
      to supersede it for their own gain. The matter here is settled.

      I read an article a while back, I forget the source, where the writer
      used the term "third world momentum" to illustrate our immigration
      policy. I will correct that for him. The term that is currently most
      often used in mechanistic macroeconomics is "third world induction"
      designating a process of assimilation designed to break down any
      solidarity of the working class along factional lines in western
      nations and widen the economic gap between the richest and poorest
      citizens. I laugh when people categorize this kind of thing as
      conspiracy theory. It is actually macroeconomics and it has been
      around since the early fifties in roughly the same mechanistic form.
      Better math and computers have simply enabled the agenda, and the
      corporate elite's grip on the world will tighten as it keeps pace with
      technology. I believe we will have world peace eventually, but most
      ordinary people outside a ruling elite of a million or two will be
      hungry and sick and working for subsistence.

      My optimism is only for individuals who resist, because resistance is
      a self reward. Rebel! It is the best of all feelings, like a soft
      summer night, two cold beers, and a sweet soft breathy kiss. In fact,
      it is the "something in the night".

      Always and forever, "way too cool for school".


      "I'm riding down Kingsley,
      figuring I'll get a drink
      Turn the radio up loud,
      so I don't have to think,
      I take her to the floor,
      looking for a moment when the world seems right,
      And I tear into the guts,
      of something in the night.

      You're born with nothing,
      and better off that way,
      Soon as you've got something they send
      someone to try and take it away,
      You can ride this road 'till dawn,
      without another human being in sight,
      Just kids wasted on
      something in the night.

      Nothing is forgotten or forgiven,
      when it's your last time around,
      I got stuff running 'round my head
      That I just can't live down.

      When we found the things we loved,
      They were crushed and dying in the dirt.
      We tried to pick up the pieces,
      And get away without getting hurt,
      But they caught us at the state line,
      And burned our cars in one last fight,
      And left us running burned and blind,
      Chasing something in the night."
      (Bruce Springsteen)
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