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  • jimstuart46
    Jul 2, 2007

      You write:

      "Last night I read an interview with (foiled) Islamic bombers who had
      exploded a bomb outside
      a nightclub. They said they target clubs because "the women are
      harlots and non-believers."
      There was no political motivation -- just moral outrage. Genuine anger.

      One of the bombers (I think they were from Indonesia) said it was okay
      to kill anyone
      drinking alcohol and dancing to rock music. He said killing followers
      of Satan was his duty.

      I don't know how I could ever engage in philosophical debate with such

      I agree these individuals do sound like lost causes, but I do believe
      that just talking to people can bring about slow change.

      And even if these men will not change, their children may gain a
      better and more diverse education so they develop more enlightened,
      humanist attitudes.

      It is not too long ago that the U.S.A. suffered from quite a lot of
      racism, with the KKK prominent in the South. However, I gather that in
      recent decades racism in your country has been in sharp decline as
      your society has become fully integrated and all citizens are better
      educated to the intrinsic values of all people.

      In a similar way I do believe that fundamentalist Muslims can be
      educated to develop a more tolerant attitude to non-Muslims. It is not
      too long ago that Christians routinely abused and killed heretics and

      Multicultural societies take time to develop, but the rewards are
      great when they do succeed. We Westerners can help by being sensitive
      to the types of behaviour that Muslims find offensive. For example, it
      is best if Westerners behave and dress modestly when visiting Muslim

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