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  • C. S. Wyatt
    Jul 1, 2007
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Trinidad Cruz" <TriniCruz@...> wrote:
      > I don't really think you think all the things you wrote here. I'm
      > guessing you wanted me to argue what I think in more detail.

      I do not write what I do not believe or have not considered. I do not engage in rhetorical
      "exercises" -- if I have a doubt or question, it is posed as such. Games annoy me enough
      that I usually break all relations / connections to people without the honesty to ask
      questions or pose challenges without trying to bait me.

      My work experiences and friends have brought me close enough to people in power that
      I've formed my views based on how things work behind closed doors.

      My comments about the government not doing anything in secret for any extended time
      holds. Alternative media and even basic leaks reveal a lot of things. From experiments on
      soldiers to "secret" presidential orders, the information is out there. People knew the
      "Mafia" was briefly employed to attack Castro, for example. The "Project for a New
      American Century" is not secret, either. If people care to read, it is amazing what we can
      find. Mention PNAC and watch eyes glaze, though. People would rather watch Paris Hilton
      on Larry King.

      As for knowing / understanding NASCAR and Blue Collar America -- that's my family. I
      grew up going to races in Bakersfield and country music was the only thing my father's
      family knows. They are "blue dog" Democrats: union members, but socially conservative.

      I am from the rather extreme end of poverty, which is what shaped most of my views as I
      first encountered a university and "educated" people. Blah.

      Susan is a mechanical engineer, so we have followed the research on the Twin Towers, as
      well as the pseudo-academics blinded by politics and cynicism. The research from Purdue
      University released this month concluded two years of recreations. The professors involved
      are not likely to embrace anything said by this government, but their computer models
      showed time and time again the weight of the top fourth to third of a building would
      cause an implosion. The planes did not strike the tops of the towers, which is the key.

      People will believe what they want, though. For centuries people will debate what was
      known and when. Just as they do with Pearl Harbor and FDR. I know people certain that
      FDR wanted as many Americans killed as possible to get us into a war.

      I'm just not much for conspiracy.

      I really do believe one or two people can set things into motion that are beyond
      comprehension. I don't think Hitler needed anyone else to guide him. No one propped up
      Stalin. I even think Lee Harvey O acted alone!! I'm just strange enough to believe in both
      the power and evil of lone individuals.

      One nut. One "belief" (sane or not) and anything is possible.

      - CSW
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