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  • C. S. Wyatt
    Jul 1, 2007
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "jimstuart46" <jjimstuart@...> wrote:

      > As existentialism is a first-person perspective philosophy, the aim
      > should be to attempt to see the world from the viewpoint of the
      > other. A starting point in the case of the bomber is to admit that
      > he or she is driven by high ideals: he or she genuinely believes
      > that this act of violence is what God wants.

      Last night I read an interview with (foiled) Islamic bombers who had exploded a bomb outside
      a nightclub. They said they target clubs because "the women are harlots and non-believers."
      There was no political motivation -- just moral outrage. Genuine anger.

      One of the bombers (I think they were from Indonesia) said it was okay to kill anyone
      drinking alcohol and dancing to rock music. He said killing followers of Satan was his duty.

      I don't know how I could ever engage in philosophical debate with such men.

      - CSW
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