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  • bhvwd
    Jul 1, 2007
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "jimstuart46" <jjimstuart@...>
      > Bill,
      > Your philosophy is: The world is a violent place, so I must be
      > tougher, more violent, than the next guy, otherwise I'll go under.
      > My philosophy is: The cycle of violence can be broken by courageous
      > non-violent people standing firm in the face of intimidation and
      > threats.
      > Remember the Chinese guy who stood in front of the tanks in
      > Tiananmen Square? Remember the Czech guy who set himself on fire as
      > a protest to the Soviet invasion in 1968? You don't win hearts and
      > minds with a fist in the face, you win hearts and minds by
      > courageously facing up to reality in a non-violent way. We need to
      > win the hearts and minds of our Muslim friends, not nuke them out
      > existence.
      > On the best method to combat terrorism, listen to Trinidad:
      > "As far as footbaths: I absolutely argue for separation of church
      > and state. They can wash their feet at home or the Mosque. The law
      > is more important and must continue to pursue its separation from
      > religion or lose its grip on civilization altogether. This is the
      > line we really must hold in the face of terrorism. We need stronger
      > self-defense laws in this country. A child being beaten by any
      > is already against the law. On the other side of this coin the law
      > must be continually vigilant toward constitutional issues. We fail
      > if we allow terrorism to convert us to a police state. Our legal
      > system and our constitution are the most elegant proposition to
      > appear of any civilization in history; to respect that completely
      > cannot compromise it to a goal of converting the world to our
      > thinking while violating our own cachet. We can only move the world
      > toward our democracy by being what we are, and being willing to
      > defend that without question and without compromising what it is.
      > one said it would be easy, except of course for the neo-cons."
      > The neo-cons will be cheering your every post at present, Bill.
      > agree with you that "might is right". They love your blind approval
      > of every aspect of America's foreign policy.
      > Your introduction of the US war with Japan in the 1940's is a
      > example. In that war the Americans were the good guys – they helped
      > Britain, France and Russia defeat Nazi German, and they defeated
      > fascist Japan after they were attacked first.
      > The current situation where America is at war with the Arabs is
      > entirely different. Here America are the bad guys – they don't want
      > justice and democracy in the Middle East, they want oil.
      > I guess you think the oil should go to the country with the biggest
      > guns. A nice variety of nihilism.
      > I see why you want to place me with Jesus brigade. But I think you
      > are closer to the Evangelical Right. Your "us and them" mentality
      > very theistic.
      > Jim … spinning more magical thoughts.
      >At least you are behinning to think rather than theologise. America
      bashing is always in vogue when we are on top and some of us plan
      to stay most promanently in control.
      Stragetic materials are not evil or good and the demonisation of
      oil is a childish pursuit. That trade transaction should be a
      matter of quid pro quo business not theological bantering about
      different gods. You will not accept that your jesus perspective is
      not usefully operant in the present world and its economies. To call
      me a theistic evangelical is a lie and you are putting yourself to
      the part of the fool by insisting such. If you refuse to get your
      nose out of the prayer book than give us the decency to quit this
      list. Bill
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