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  • bhvwd
    Jul 1 10:45 AM
      I was raised in a combative environment. Violence prone individuals
      of many sorts were always present. Fighting was plentiful and
      punishment for such was swift and corporal. The worst outcome was to
      lose the fight and still be beaten by authority. I was taught to
      win the fight and take your punishment as a stoic winner. Hold your
      head up.
      The religous tried to turn the cheek and they gained nothing but
      an ass whipping and complete disrespect from all but the holy joes. I
      put Mr Stuart in the god fearing, reality fearing camp. The French
      resistance was a secound tier, after action attempt at survival. The
      main battle was over and the first blow had carried the day.
      Blitskrieg is a great way to win.
      Christian theists rely on a love of a plastic jesus who exhibits
      no stomach for the competition inherant in this evolving species. We
      do not need altar boys, we need stalwart individuals who support the
      eradication of fanitical foes. Bushido japanese were such a foe and
      they used suprise attack in an all out attempt to destroy us. The
      casualty numbers of Pearl harbour and 9/11 are very similar. The
      Islamic foe has elected to prey on the pacifist nature of Stuart
      types here. They know that believers will howl their christian
      morality just as they tried to stop Harry Truman from finishing the
      I no longer despise the Japanese because I reserve those judgments
      for the theist scum that distorts the world today. It is a meeting
      of believers that causes a war to drag on in the name of allah and
      jesus. Trinidad has a keen point in his acessment of the symbiosis
      of neocon and islamic radical. The great , foot washing christian
      hoard plays righyt into the hands of such conspiracies. I will speak
      against both. Nagasaki has been rebuilt but the world trade center
      has not. Stuart and his jesus buddies should get their magical
      thinking straight and get in the damn game. Bill
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