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41735Re: Radical thoughts

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  • jimstuart46
    Jul 1, 2007

      You write:

      "I was and am in favor of a much more massive retaliation against
      those we can identify, can destroy. … We should have nuked Tora Bora
      and Bagdad should join Hiroshima as a glowing reminder of the vested
      power of the modern world.

      People like Mr. Stuart are essentially pacifist and therefore elicit
      no respect from me. The religous crackpots will respond to brute
      force but the very people Trinidad proposes to take power are the
      least likely to take action. So we will continus as the pitiful
      giant licking multiple ,non lethal wounds. We are not in our fathers
      world of Iwo Jima where we killed them back to a handful of ragged
      skeletons. Mr. Stuarts kind will condone the madness and butchery as
      long as it doesn`t splatter blood on his skirts."

      First, you suggest that I am both a pacifist and that I condone
      certain acts of violence. As these two things are inconsistent with
      each other, I guess you think I'm muddle headed as well.

      I do not condone the murderous acts of the radical Muslims. These
      acts are very wrong, particularly as they target civilians and not
      military personnel.

      I am also not a pacifist. I think the violence of the French
      Resistance was justified in trying to defeat Nazism.

      I understand that you do not have respect for me. Your suggestion
      that a nuclear bomb (of the Hiroshima type) should be dropped on
      Baghdad has resulted in me losing respect for your political views.

      I also wonder about your version of existentialism. It seems to me
      that it is certainly not a humanist version of existentialism.
      Humanism is all about having respect for all human beings, finding
      significance in them. Part of this means seeing others who are
      superficially very different from ourselves, as essentially like
      ourselves. Thus the ordinary civilians of Baghdad who are trying to
      eke out a worthwhile existence amidst the carnage and anarchy are
      human beings like you or me. The fact that you want to kill them all
      puts you on the same level as the radical Muslim suicide bomber who
      also wants to kill the civilians on the enemy side.

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