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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Jun 30, 2007
      Security did not breakdown. It was like "Crash" in "Bull Durham."

      "You believe this idiot is throwing a shutout, and he's shakin' me
      off? Batter here's a gift. The next one's gonna be the heater right
      down the middle."

      That was the project for the new American century. Disrespectful
      pieces of shit. I hope the Nascar crowd builds the gallows over a
      sewage treatment plant.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > I am watching the Scot terrorist attack and I am angry. Trinidad
      > really pushes my buttons with his conspiracy ideas. Any thinking
      > person has considered the massive security breakdown could have been
      > an inside job. The problem is proving anything with the possible
      > conspiritors in power.
      > I was and am in favor of a much more massive retaliation against
      > those we can identify, can destroy. The fact that it will not happen
      > futhers my suspicions of close interaction of parts of our security
      > apparatus and the terrorist cadre.We should have nuked Tora Bora and
      > Bagdad should join Hiroshima as a glowing reminder of the vested
      > power of the modern world.
      > People like Mr. Stuart are essentially pacifist and therefore elicit
      > no respect from me. The religous crackpots will respond to brute
      > force but the very people Trinidad proposes to take power are the
      > least likely to take action. So we will continus as the pitiful
      > giant licking multiple ,non lethal wounds. We are not in our fathers
      > world of Iwo Jima where we killed them back to a handful of ragged
      > skeletons. Mr. Stuarts kind will condone the madness and butchery as
      > long as it doesn`t splatter blood on his skirts. The CIA credo of
      > managing small, regional conflicts is really a form of appeasment,
      > Chamberland style. I doubt I will be around when the big house
      > cleaning happens, Stuarts clan will see us limp along until a full
      > calamity is the only possibility. Then everybody will have their
      > skirt blown up, by a nuclear wind. Bill
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