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  • C. S. Wyatt
    Jun 3, 2007
      I am the Homer Simpson type... cinnamon pastries, donuts, and a good imported beer (dark
      is good) will leave me content for some time. In fact, I managed quite a bit of junk calories
      today. Since I have to make my own way in life, I define happiness as cinnamon and sugar,
      ideally in the form of Cinnabun Rolls or soft pretzels with icing on the side, too.

      I'd never have the same morals as any of the grand philosophers. I could be led to treason
      with just the right mix of sugar and dough. I have no guiding principals if the price is right.
      Say, about 1000 calories right.

      About the closest to "involved" in any other lives I am right now is making sure the trash from
      our remodel is cut small enough for the sanitation engineer to handle it easily. Other than
      that, I'm rather self-absorbed with household chores for the season... or until the IRB
      approves my research on human subjects later this month.

      - CSW
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