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41410The old side

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  • bhvwd
    May 28 1:50 PM
      What if you had decided to be an existentialist? You could sign up
      and write for exislist but beyond that where do you enroll, who do
      you pay, and how will your life be changed.
      It was not existentialism that prompted me to rip out my roots and
      become a modernist, it was science and politics. The Viet Nam war was
      a bloody disgust to me and a future in science made sense since I
      wanted to contribute to the better endeavours of modernity without
      being slave to the mysticism and militarism of the old system.
      I found out the old system does not like those who go different
      ways. The old system wants the tithe, wants the obesance of faith and
      demands the preformance of the rituals of a faithful soldier.
      Now the old ways can only be exacted by threat. The war party says
      we will be overrun if we do not fight on. We are very afraid of
      losing our advantages in the present world. I doubt it is black and
      white, war or peace. Many always thought of terrorism as a police
      matter not a world war. The neocon lexicon of values prescribes
      endless limited , conventional war as the only course for the safe
      and sane. They are simplistic and driven by unending greed. As long
      as they are not doing the dying it is a fair price to pay. Bush came
      from an oil background , so did Rice. The old side are military
      industrial complex executives and prefer a footing of low level
      conflict at all times. The militarism and patriotic crap they demand
      of good followers is not being rewarded back in the weakened middle
      class. A fifteen % tithe just doesn`t work in a world of four dollar
      a gallon gas. The dead and maimed are easily forgotten by the 75% of
      the people who have abandoned the war. The old side spews the hate
      and fear , looks for prosecuters to punish those out of step and
      goes to their graves secure that they have always been right. I think
      only the grave will rid us of them. It is the young , drifting
      middle class that will choose a future. Here at existlist we have
      defended a non ideological approach to affairs of business and
      politics. If we appear leftist it may well be reaction to the
      neocon lies we oppose. I have for many years written here because I
      think it a basic level from which to attack the old, irrational
      order. The new irrational order of post modernist gibberish responds
      to the same tactic so I see no reason to cease hammering on. Two
      birds you know killed with one stone are a real bargain. Bill