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  • jaime.denada
    May 1, 2007
      You fail and succeed with your misrepresentations. There is no one
      authority of meaning. And even if one bows to such, the personal and
      individual interpretation automatically invalidates that authority
      because it's personal and individual. Of course it's a burden to write,
      decide and act on what we think things mean, but one can't write/act
      without expecting someone to interpret differently. That will happen
      and it should. This is how we don't own and still remain responsible.
      To achieve such an impossibility isn't blissful.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Trinidad Cruz" <TriniCruz@...> wrote:
      >the central philosophical
      > issue in deconstruction is authority. Existentialism defines this
      > authority over meaning as altogether personal and individual. This
      > authority is a personal burden on the existentialist as he must use
      > to keep it. The existentialist must decide what things mean when they
      > intrude into his experience of existence and act. It is the
      > existentialist who dirties his hands with meaning and writes what he
      > thinks things mean. Deconstruction is no argument against such
      > writing, and perhaps that is where deconstructionists fail to
      > understand.
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