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  • jaime.denada
    Apr 11, 2007

      I greatly appreciate the blind cosmos making sense to itself remark.

      1. we trust what we see
      2. we trust others to name
      3. we trust their intent
      4. we trust the words
      5. we trust the meaning
      6. we trust reason
      7. we trust some ideas
      8. we trust certainty
      9. we trust uncertainty
      10. we trust trust

      We can't suspend belief or disbelief. It's we who are suspended and
      can't come down. But that's not bad. Philosophy is not the foundation
      under our feet. We leap from unfixed positions. I'm humble enough to
      admit that much at least. I trust you'll understand.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eupraxis@... wrote:

      That aside, the question of a leap seems to me to be quite unlikely
      in our time with all of the science and sociological information we
      have before us. To what would you leap? The Paschal Lamb? The Virgin
      Birth, burning bush, walls of Jericho, garden of Eden? All myths. The
      only 'leap' that seems possible can indeed be gleaned in Hegel, but
      it isn't into the caring hands of God, but rather into a blind cosmos
      that makes sense for itself. It takes a lot of courage and humility
      for that leap, not wishful thinking.

      Thanks again,
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