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40832Re: Knowledge Baseless

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  • Knott
    Mar 18, 2007
      > I think you can accept
      > little more than experimentally verified facts.

      I am not begging you to see anything my way...but how exactly are
      facts factual? We perceive through a stream of nerves, supposedly, to
      supposedly march a perfect re-creation of the whole before us (that
      is, re-create it inside the brain from the thought of it), and yet at
      the same time the decision of what to measure and how to measure and
      what with provides the mechanism that we might choose the things which
      are most likely to lead us to the conclusion we desire in
      appropriating the testing. Proof that I exist is not "shooting myself
      in the head" as I believe TC once suggested to me, as that is testing
      a belief system, not a reality. Proof of how much of a quack that I am
      is likely not born of my quacker-brain schemes, where I am constantly
      deluded into uncontrolled leaps of 'faith' such as instances where my
      cat's "soul" appears to me, though I am without (soul, that is--or at
      least without clear understanding of the manefestation of
      'soul-ness'). What kind of a clam am I?

      I might say that there is a funnel each time the toilet is flushed,
      and I can flush every toilet in the galexy, but until I have
      established a simple fact, I don't see how I can come to the
      conclusion that any conclusion as to my flushing is 'real'.

      Quips Alike (Clambase 9)
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