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  • bhvwd
    Mar 16, 2007
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      > How is that existentialist again? Or...?
      > WS
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      > Subject: [existlist] Re: Knowledge base
      > the soul as a BELIEF............would really validate a
      respect for
      > what IS TRUE. Yes, when it comes to what is JUST BEYOND our DIRECT
      > nonetheless.....it is a seeing that is like an 'intuitive
      > Conscience-based Right and Wrong stem from a cosmic human-soul
      > egalitarianism which itself is based on DIVINE MERCY......This was
      > somewhat alluded to by the idea of categorical imperative.
      > But first you need to value human beings as precious. Believing in
      > soul is believing in preciousness. It relates back to DIVINE LOVE.
      > person who does not believe in or LOOK FOR miracles will not see
      > them, one who is on the look out for miracles will see them, rare
      > they might be. Miracles are unexpected, and NOT created by the
      > wishes. That they are unexpected is proof of their validity. They
      > DETECTED not CREATED by the soul-mind.
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I usually run from perception arguments as I consider the brain
      > > thinking about the brain to be the ultimate conundrum. Yet as
      > > Trinidad and Knott revisit the consideration I see some progress
      > in
      > > what I think about self psychoanalysis. I think you can accept
      > > little more than experimentally verified facts. You can begin to
      > > lock in a future by the perusal of such facts. This is perhaps
      > > the "Through a glass darkly" of the French Plague Doctor. Very
      > > quickly a real time event slashes through to erase the vision
      > an
      > > aura, like Deja vu, remains.
      > > Knott seems ahead in this area because of his extreme
      > He
      > > does not believe in the existance of his own mind .
      > > I don't think you have to believe ,to think, gets way behind
      > > Descartes. It postulates an intellectual life of individual
      > freedom,
      > > a kind of existance precedes essence that begins to explore
      > > The perception of that exploration becomes consciousness. That
      > > where the injection of faith often begins . The recent material
      > > have been observing regarding our foremost covert agency came
      > > the Valerie Plame hearings before congress. She said some CIA
      > people
      > > take life long oaths of secrecy. Seems logical if you are a
      > > believer in cause.
      > > Ms. Pflame is a bona fide star on the rise. She handled
      > > matters with a deft hand and charmed the press and committee.
      > > played the gal wronged to perfection. Libby was a wake up call
      > if
      > > Valery tunes up all the names on that chart have serious
      > > The Fed Attorney firings matter came to local attention as a
      > Bush
      > > leaning prosecutor went after a state senator, my state senator.
      > > This can have endless legs and leads right back to many of the
      > names
      > > of Valery's situation. How deeply and fundamentally one is
      > infested
      > > with life hood faith seem linked to how early in consciousness
      > ones
      > > freedom was attacked by limitations imposed by faith. The true
      > > believers are exemplified in "The Good Shepherd" as the real
      > > American`s, the rest of us are just visiting. I don`t want to
      > > about it. Bill
      > >
      > But if we do not talk then we lose the other. In soo many cases
      that is a desirable course and all of us of some temporality have
      taken out the garbage. To reingage the mind to the basics of clean
      logic would seem particulary in your chant. This votive prince, or
      princess, seems ripe for the harvest should anyone want a teaching
      opportunity. I have not the energy as the corporate grinding
      keeps up it`s power. Answer or be reduced, it is good some want to
      know and surly some will. Now they play tourch music in SF. It is
      the only place where life seems to enjoy its presance. Even the sea
      lions come and expect harbour. Bill
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