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40605Re: [existlist] exploratory committee for political progress

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Feb 4, 2007
      Today in the US, only Bernie Sanders, also the only socialist in Congress.

      But you can't even get any US politician to endorse evolution explicitly, or
      criticize the young earth creationists. You might be able to run on either
      coast or in one or two other cities as an open atheist, but certainly not in that
      IQ dump we call the "Bible Belt".


      In a message dated 2/4/07 9:29:45 AM, agignesthai@... writes:

      > Speaking of his new book, The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins' makes the
      > point that none of our elected federal officials openly admit to being
      > atheist. He says that is statistically impossible, and that someone
      > must be lying. I do agree that an atheist candidate has no chance of
      > being elected. Perhaps, for the good of the country and possibly the
      > world, it's their turn. Other minority candidates have run and won.
      > What could it hurt?
      > Mary

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