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40602Re: [existlist] Re: Creating multiple streams of income

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  • Jeff Cunningham
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Another great income producer is the Nigerian
      Scam Letter. You know the old my husband died and I
      need you to help me get the money out of the country
      idea. Just send me $2,500.00 cash in unmarked bills
      and I will email you a copy of it. Not. Your Rich
      Uncle ,Nasty

      --- bhvwd <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:

      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Ruel Yamas
      > <ruelyamas@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Creating multiple streams of income The great
      > thing about
      > affiliate marketing is that you can subscribe to as
      > many different
      > affiliate marketing programs as you wish, all at the
      > same time. When
      > you develop a website to promote your different
      > affiliate programs,
      > you can do two things. Develop a website for each
      > affiliate marketing
      > program or lump all affiliate marketing programs in
      > one website. The
      > first option is ideal but difficult since aside from
      > developing each
      > site, you need to promote each site individually, do
      > SEO activities
      > for each one, etc. The 2nd option may be easier but
      > it can suffer
      > from lack of focus on your website. The 2nd option
      > will make your
      > site less appealing to customers since it will
      > appear as a hodgepodge
      > of links to them. It's a fine line to walk between
      > having multiple
      > streams of income and having too many affiliate
      > programs. Let's take
      > a look at the right way to handle this problem.
      > >
      > streams-of-income.html
      > >
      > > ---------------------------------Ruel, This is a
      > list concerned
      > with existentialism, modernism and is ill equipped
      > to deal with
      > monetary policy or even political theory. That is
      > why we have little
      > to talk about because everybody is busy protecting
      > their big wad of
      > the illusive sponduit. Perhaps you are looking for
      > the Adam Smith
      > site. As you must know he is dead but had some great
      > ideas. Why don't
      > you try and justify screwing people out of money.
      > Why don`t you get
      > a real job doing something useful. You know , useful
      > to somebody
      > besides your corrupted self .Send me a cheque.
      > Bill
      > > > ---------------------------------
      > > Need Mail bonding?
      > > Go to the Yahoo! Mail Q&A for great tips from
      > Yahoo! Answers users.
      > >
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      > removed]
      > >

      Get your own web address.
      Have a HUGE year through Yahoo! Small Business.
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