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40367Re: Again, fear

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  • louise
    Dec 31, 2006
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Knott" <knott12@...> wrote:
      > > Am currently hiding from eduard at Nooism group, so shall
      publish my
      > > New Year's resolutions at existlist.
      > le Duard continues his stand against all that is or is not, I see.

      that's not a nice name - we discussed all this before. your
      interpretation seems curiously suspended in vacuum. fear should not
      be an enemy, and my experience of eduard's kindness and wit does not
      persuade me to accept your implied association. though i may have
      misunderstood your drift.

      > > (1) read four books:
      > > (a) Homer's Iliad
      > > (b) Homer's Odyssey
      > > (c) Aristophanes' The Birds
      > > (d) The Greek Anthology, Vol.III [Loeb]
      > do you have fun?

      the precondition for fun is freedom. it has taken so long, to toss
      religion and its offshoots from the window, i intend to enjoy
      myself, yes.

      > > (2) go on holiday (destination with-held)
      > Mine would be to 'live' on holiday, i think...
      > > (3) my book will be ready for submission by the tenth month
      > Not to make you repeat what might be elsewhere, but have you a
      topic, genre, title,
      > language, publisher? If not the latter, are you writing on a prayr?

      usual practice. need to know. keep it under the hat.

      [boxed feline]

      > Tom B. Kattoutabag
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