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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Dec 9, 2006
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      "Now, I am in a Hegel phase as I sit down and read Hegel. He is really
      blowing my mind."

      I can recommend a few recent texts - Robert Wallace: Hegel's Philosophy of
      Reality, Freedom and God; Stephen Houlgate: The Opening of Hegel's Logic; Terry
      Pinckard: Hegel (Biography), and Hegel's Phenomenology: The Sociality of


      In a message dated 12/8/06 11:41:14 PM, hb3g@... writes:

      > Hi Louise:
      > Yeah, well, when it comes down to it, those texts. whether they are
      > on the reading list or not, were written by individuals. Each
      > philosopher does indeed bring his own unique personality, and his
      > circumstances, to what he has to say there. To me, it is a gesture of
      > respect to keep firmly in my mind the fact that for most of these
      > thinkers the reasons why they took the time to write down what they
      > thought is because philosophy personally mattered very much to them
      > and it made a profound difference in how they led their lives. That
      > is the sense in which philosophy, it seems to me, is a downright
      > individual thing. Why do it if it doesn't matter on the level of
      > personal choices? There is a human being behind every book.
      > As for the reading list, my take on that is, if it is to be a
      > philosophy reading list, it needs to be comprehensive. Such a
      > requirement does not make the task very easy, and it certainly cannot
      > be accomplished in only a year or two. Sometimes it might seem, as we
      > do our reading, and thinking, that we go through phases. I was in a
      > Kant phase when I sat down and read Kant. Now, I am in a Hegel phase
      > as I sit down and read Hegel. He is really blowing my mind. But the
      > others are on my reading list too, right on up to good old Jean Paul
      > Sartre.
      > Along the way, a really interesting thing is happening to me. As I
      > spend time with each thinker, in turn, my attitudes toward other
      > thinkers whom I know less well is becoming more tolerant. Kant and
      > Hegel have opened up a lot of understanding, for me, into others,
      > like Descartes, Plato and Aristotle, and the existentialists too. I
      > have been doing a lot of side reading in history too, trying to get a
      > better grasp on the whole Enlightenment to Romanticism thing and how
      > that whole development unfolded and how we relate to it from our
      > perspective here in 2006. I am also placing more novels and poetry on
      > my list. Some of the best philosophy can actually be found in a good
      > novel or an amazing selection of poems.
      > I am grateful for the massive amount of time that I am able to devote
      > to my reading. I could not have dug this deep back in my school days
      > when I had to worry about keeping up my grades, doing term papers,
      > and preparing for tests. My free time affords me the luxury of going
      > into a total immersion mode with each philosopher that I take on.
      > Hb3g

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