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40269Re: [existlist] It's all about you, Bill

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    Dec 1, 2006
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      On Nov 30, 2006, at 23:40, James Johnson wrote:

      > So I'm in your unread bin. You are very intelligent, tough
      > and quite full of it. You exemplify an Existentialist, living a
      > narcissistic experience. Definitely unaware of any self generated
      > noxious gases. You are a lucky a man. Have fun playing in your
      > cerebral sand box.

      This is precisely the kind of personal antipathy we do not need on
      this list. Though you might think it a "fact" that someone is "full
      of it" or narcissistic, this is not the way to engage in discussion.

      If you cannot participate politely, even when you disagree, then do
      not participate at all.

      - C. S. Wyatt
      I am what I am at this moment, not what I was and certainly not all
      that I shall be.
      http://www.tameri.com - Tameri Guide for Writers
      http://www.tameri.com/csw/exist - The Existential Primer
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