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40264It's all about you, Bill

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  • James Johnson
    Nov 30, 2006
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      So I'm in your unread bin. You are very intelligent, tough and quite full of it. You
      exemplify an Existentialist, living a narcissistic experience. Definitely unaware of any self
      generated noxious gases. You are a lucky a man. Have fun playing in your cerebral sand

      > Your correct, I did not read the biggest post. I attempted to
      > speed read it. My speed reading boils down to taking notice of
      > verbs and nouns. It did not work with the big post so I tried word
      > for word, no luck, it just did not say much to me. Since I claim
      > little patience for educational responsibility Jay will be remanded
      > to the unread bin. I do not owe him a reading much less a remedial
      > response.
      > I plan to bore you my way. I have spent the last hours watching a
      > CNN special on energy followed by a series on chairitable giving.
      > I admit to investing in oil and to not investing in foundation
      > charities. When a celebrity goes the way of charity guru, I quit
      > buying his material. For me it goes to the individualism inherant in
      > existential thought. The individual is the sentient, operating
      > organism and as such holds responsibility for his continued survival.
      > If you have no talent, no personal energy or things of trade you are
      > on the way out. It is the way of this finite cosmos as better than
      > 90 percent of living organisms have gone extinct. It is not a moral
      > crime to fail even as a begger. We all do it in the end. It is the
      > whining that perplexes.
      > The oil companies provide a strategic material that remains standard
      > [pun intended} in the world. I invest in them for two main reasons:
      > To make money. To support the world economy at its base. I understand
      > that oil companies support merc armies and slaughter as they are
      > slaughtered in the contentious regions of the world. They do not
      > bring a warm fuzzy feeling to adoring audiencies, they actually keep
      > us warm. Unlike the charities I can and do read the oil companies
      > balance sheets. If they are not exploring, finding crude and shale,
      > they will sell no product, pay no dividends and leave my portfolio.
      > For all but the grasshoppers the serious business of provision takes
      > the greater part of our time and energy. That is my first existential
      > responsibility. The grasshoppers survive as a swarm and rely on huge
      > reproductive numbers to survive . Destitute humans adopt the same
      > strategy. It doesn`t seem to produce much of quality in life and
      > is a signal of impending cateclism.
      > So I`ll be back at work tomorrow. I do not expect enjoyment and I
      > will not have time to read giant posts about the unfairness of
      > Existlist. If I make some money I will attempt to disperse it into
      > profitable investment. That is a duty to myself and all who join in
      > the business of living. We built it this way and if you try to
      > destroy it I will lend my old hands to the defense. Bill
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