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  • Mary
    Nov 4 12:08 PM
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      Yes, there's no place like home, Aunty Em. Writing is an ordinary
      activity similar to thinking, attempting to sort the double-think
      from the double-speak. For Camus the Arab crisis in Algeria was
      ordinary, as was the threat of Communism. A life worth living? Holy
      Christ, who decides that? Yes, utopia comes in many flavors, even the
      nuclear family, velvet revolution, or the safety of tradition. They
      haven't proven any more efficacious than anything else. Balm for
      conscience, nothing else.

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      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <agignesthai@> wrote:
      > >
      > > George Orwell and Albert Camus, two non-existentialists, had a
      > on
      > > the privacy & property shovel well before and after the major
      > >
      > Camus has the right metaphor but the true work is even more mundane
      > savage. Simply put: it's mostly ordinary - more a mindset than an
      > achievement.
      > What available 3 months out. 3 years out.
      > How to I connect A to B: action, practicality, knowledgebase =
      > equanimity = career and/or social effectiveness = a life worth
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