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  • Christopher Knoepfle
    Nov 4, 2006
      Money is not top god, it serves an end. Without the end, money has no purpose. Capitalism honors this aspect of money. Communism in theory honors the workers right to demand a fair wage for labor provided. Bridging the best of the two, Jesus was a carpenter who tipped over the money changers table and only once. Man, that was a man with some fiscal sense (teach a man to fish), who then became God if you believe. What is his status if you don't believe? What is capitalism without the purpose of money or communism without the right to earn a fair wage. Here today, and yesterday too, and likely tomorrow as well.

      The Maestro's Astrology - a 238pp demonstration of Plato's framework of divination, complete with a working example.

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      Too many questions. How many communists can you actually name? Is
      Money the top god, or not? What is capitalism? Take your pick.

      ... in search of willing elves

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