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  • Mary
    Nov 1 8:12 AM
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      Well woven, Bill. I view my own life as a series of un/voluntary
      surrenders to self and others, interspersed with alternating bravado.
      We keep talking ideas in the event of an anomaly, the one that
      convinces humanity en masse, at the same time/space conjunction, that
      death and other people shouldn't be the enemy. But Buddha and Camus
      have already said this. I suppose it's fortunate that time slows down
      as we approach our horizon. You might agree that the sooner certain
      inevitabilities are faced, life suggests itself as meaning. Though
      our corpses likely spin in reverse from one another, Sartre and I
      recommend the words of Beck's Nausea for the young ones. Angst and
      absurdity are living museum pieces of provocation and disturbing
      chaos. Existentialism recognizes this and offers no universal
      solution. It simply encourages us to decide how we will handle the
      fire until it's gone. Mary

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...>
      > Think of Islam as an evolutionary nitche.I`m not calling the
      > devolved but their stagnation puts them at other risk. There exist
      > other faith based anomalies that have branched away from sound
      > scientific knowledge. Flying off into faith fantasy comes down to
      > holding at the question while waiting to be eaten. I think of the
      > possibility of this sequence of faith based hesitance
      > the matter/ energy cycle that begins to be better understood. A
      > Nova program on Black holes hints around the question that black
      > holes convert mass to energy in great gulps of gas sucked onto
      > singularitys event horizon. That gas is compressed to neutrons with
      > the emmision of cosmic energy levels that burn whole galaxys to
      > dust. We seem constructed from concentric models whose general
      > are similar. As Louise says it is better to be careful and not
      > but it makes little difference what we say or even think. It is
      > good to have something to do while we wait for the next turn of the
      > cosmic blasting wheel.That happens when Andromida meets the Milkey
      > Way. This cosmos is boldly slow with a direction the Myans began to
      > discover. They predicted cosmic events far into their future but
      > drifted back into the forest to become hunter gatherers, again. I
      > wish somebody gave them the facts before they receded into the
      > forest and perhaps that is the best we can do for the Muslims . In
      > the mean time we have plenty to trade in ideas and goods. If we
      > have a direction that bodes greater longevity a death commitment
      > signals surrender. Yet you can only surrender to yourself.Bill
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