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40Some more 'Situations'

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  • Charles Vermont
    Aug 7, 1999
      Following Tom's excellent example, I have the following situations for the list to consider:

      1.. A man picks up a sharp knife with his right hand, walks over to a woman, and gashes her with it just below her right breast.
      2.. A woman from Denmark is on a business trip to Chicago, Illinois. She goes down to her hotel bar for a drink around 10pm on the evening of the day before she flies out and meets a man who she finds very attractive. After a while he suggest they repair to her bedroom for a 'night cap'. She knows this is code for sex. The man really turns her on but she is aware from her previous experiences that she does not enjoy one night stands. However, as in her past experiences, she is overcome by raw, passionate lust for the man.
      3.. A man is invited to his cousin Laura's wedding. He has no desire whatsoever to go. However, he realises Laura will take great offence if he fails to show. She is of the belief that family is very important, and would not have considered for a moment not inviting him, even though they openly acknowledge that they thoroughly dislike each other's company.
      What 'should' the woman do in 1 and 2, and what 'should' the man do in 3?

      Charles Vermont
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